Tuesday, May 31, 2005


EOS banner
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Friday, May 27, 2005

Kiddy Pool
kiddy pool splash party


"Create for yourself a new indomitable perception of faithfulness. What is usually called faithfulness passes so quickly. Let this be your faithfulness: You will experience moments, fleeting moments, with the other person. The human being will appear to you then as if filled, irradiated, with the archetype of his/her spirit. And then there may be, indeed will be, other moments, long periods of time when human beings are darkened. At such times, you will learn to say to yourself, "The spirit makes me strong. I remember the archetype. I saw it once. No illusion, no deception shall rob me of it." Always struggle for the image that you saw. This struggle is faithfulness. Striving thus for faithfulness you shall be close to one another as if endowed with the protective powers of angels." (Rudolph Steiner)


scantily 1
scant incongruity: bus advertisement
A banner ad plastered across the tailgate back of a bus pictures a rescue scene... ambulance, two stretcher bearers, body fully covered by a blanket, car askew, police. The ad header reads: Pay Attention. The ad footer reads: Drive Safely. I'm driving behind the bus down the side of Hamilton Mountain in morning traffic. I'm distracted thinking about distracted drivers and accidents.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tweety in Bush
tweety bush


I love authentic expression. On my wanders today, I came across this bright smiling tweety bird perfectly placed mid-bush ~ like a sweet surprise tucked away in the middle of the unexpected. The contrasted use of topiary with folkart intrigues me. I wonder what led to this marriage of craft. Euonymus meet Tweety.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Dad at the Labyrinth
dad knows the way

Finding Our Way Together

This afternoon, I drove my Dad to the cancer clinic for his daily radiation treatment. I usually drop him off at the door and wait at a nearby park until I get the 'nudge' that he's ready to go home. Funnily enough, he seems to enjoy going in on his own and every day he has a story to share. I love to hear his light hearted tales - moments when he forgets all his troubles. I've sat with my Dad in waiting rooms and he has, when he's of a mind, a truly great capacity to lift the spirits of all those around him.

On our way home today, I ask my Dad if he'd like to walk the new labyrinth with me. My Dad agrees without apparent hesitation though I catch that look - the one where he ever so slightly shakes his head and I know he's thinking, "Here she goes again with her crazy ideas." My Dad, being the dear soul that he is, loves me so he indulges the moment.

We walk up to the round and find the entrance. (The labyrinth path has yet to be painted. A strong pencil outline marks the way.) I explain to my Dad that all he has to do is follow the path to the centre. He goes first and I follow. Within a brief time, my Dad is well ahead of me. I can feel his determination gather strength as it always does when he has a goal. I continue to walk a meditative pace as I watch the distance between us lengthen.

The labyrinth has many loops and curves as it winds its way. My Dad is now walking beside me on an adjacent path. A few moments later and my Dad now passes me walking in the opposite direction. A few more moments go by and my Dad is rounding a curve on the far side of the circle. This dance continues to weave until I hear my Dad declare, with excitement, that he has arrived at the centre. I join him perhaps three minutes later and, standing together, we talk about the panoramic view the centre affords. We both have a sense of awe. It is a perfect spring day.

My Dad sets off on the journey out before I do. I watch him as he walks away, his pace slower than when we started. Finishing, my Dad rests on a steel black bench and waits for me. When I sit down beside him we talk about our walk. I ask him how he feels and he says his mind is clearer and his emotions are quieter. I sense he is feeling more peaceful and this makes my heart sing.

As we walk back to the car, my Dad tells me that, even though he hasn't always taken the time to do things like this, he really likes doing them with me. I smile and I tell him I know.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tulip - Double Pinks
tulips double pinks

Spring Delight

I was so very excited when I chose these lacy dress tulips for planting last fall. They are just lovely and each day I greet them with a smile and thank them for gracing my spring.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Labyrinth (yet to be painted) 
labyrinth waiting for colour


I walked a labyrinth today. I walked in to the centre, paused, and walked out again. Today was the opening ceremony. Drummers, words of dedication, sweet treats to eat. The ceremony began at one. I was late. I missed the celebration... only saw the tail-end stragglers. Their joy lingered and it washed over me as I walked the labyrinth today. I walked in to the centre, gave thanks, and walked out again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Night Dandies
field of dreams

Across the Way

Across the way, two small children are frolicking with dandelion delight. They are very young, perhaps three and four, and I recognize they must be siblings. The little girl bends down on her child-pose haunches to pick (what I'd like to think of as) her first dandelion bouquet. Oblivious, her younger brother pursues a tail-wagging romp through the yellow-green grasses.
Snip-snap, the little girl artfully adds flower after flower to her tight fisted bunch. Quickly burdened, she chides her brother to help. The little boy happily responds and I hear their giggle-laughter carry across the way. I remember the joy of my childhood days when my sisters and I gladly picked dandelion yellows to bring home to our mother. Yes, I remember.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dandelion Blossoms
three bright faces

A Park Runs Through It

In the community where I live, a very long, narrow strip of land (once cleared of all verdant green to make way for a forgotten road) is now known as parkland. Wild grasses grow on either side of a pebbled footpath that eventually leads to the lake. Field birds sing the breezes and, on this sun spring day, an abundance of bright yellowed dandelions catches my breath.