Monday, August 22, 2005

handing out izzy dolls

Dare a Peace Perspective

Tamar, over at In and Out of Confidence, has sparked a brilliant resonance of hope in her post discussion, Evacuation from Gaza. In praising the Israeli troops for their compassionate response to the distraught citizens being evacuated from their homes, the discussion muses about a 'Hugging Army' and what kind of training would be required.

Spiritual Activism:
G8 Summit - Findhorn Community Members Prepare to Take Action
"In the last few weeks leading up to the G8 Summit in Scotland in early July, a group of Findhorn community members has been meeting to explore ways in which to engage in spiritually-grounded political action. Here, David McNamara, who has been key in helping to hold the focus, shares some of the plans and how you can support this potentially life-altering and globally historical event."

Findhorn Eco Warriors Return Home from G8 Activist Events
"Spiritual activism is a new form of engagement for many of the Findhorn community members who participated in the events; however, spreading love and radiating light are two things that come naturally and which proved to be most needed during intense moments both in the ecovillage itself and in the direct actions. Presence of mind, stillness, alignment with spirit, and groundedness were the hallmarks needed to carry us safely and successfully through the week."

The Izzy Doll Delights Children of War-Torn Regions:
"Master Corporal Mark Isfeld (a Canadian Peacekeeping Hero) was a combat engineer who served in three UN peace missions before losing his life in a landmine explosion in Croatia in 1994. Mark was known for giving children in war-torn regions handmade dolls that his mother, Carol Isfeld, had crocheted out of scrap wool, nicknamed ‘Izzy Dolls'. He handed out the Izzy Dolls to bring a little happiness and hope to the children in war torn areas. After his tragic death, the story of Mark's compassion toward the children began to spread and thousands of these dolls began to flood in from people all across Canada who decided to make dolls for other Canadian soldiers to give away overseas."

The Hugger Busker from Montreal
"A smile and a firm but gentle demeanor can solve many problems. I am no longer responding to aggression with aggression, sarcasm with sarcasm. It is comforting to recognize the changes in one's self as one evolves into a more whole individual. I look forward to the day when facing adversity with equanimity and compassion is a natural extension of my self."(Excerpt from The Hugger Busker's Journal)