Tuesday, August 08, 2006

be still and listen


Blogger Wandering Willow said...

It looks as if it was taken somewhere in Colorado or New Mexico. Have you been traipsing around my home grounds?

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

LOL If only I had! We could have had a lovely visit! This picture was actually taken near the village of Findhorn, Scotland. The beach is on the North Sea... how interesting that it looks similar to your home grounds. Hmm, perhaps The Findhorn Community is calling to you Willow :D I wouldn't be the least bit surprised! Love to you ~~

Blogger Wandering Willow said...

Interesting question for you to pose... I do a lot of work with Perelandra, which is the U.S. equivalent of Findhorn. She started hearing from nature spirits who taught her how to garden, and then later she heard about Findhorn for the first time. I have a close relationship with the Nature intelligences in my area, and with several from around the world who stay in communication. It's a big part of my life, and of my healing practice. Hm, we've never had this kind of conversation before, have we?

Blogger Wandering Willow said...


Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Not here but most likely on some level, Willow (Kindred Spirit) LOL I've had the Perelandra Garden Workbooks since they came out and have read 'Behaving As If The God in All Things Mattered' and I know I have the MAP book kicking around here somewhere. I too enjoy a close relationship with the Nature intelligences. Although I've not been to Perelandra, I have visited Findhorn quite a number of times and I belong to the Findhorn Global Community.

Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

Hi Gemma, it's good to hear from you. I like this picture...it does look like it was somewhere in the southwest. We've missed you....hope you've beem well dear lady. Take care....

Blogger Lucy said...

Very Andrew Wyeth. I like it a lot.

Blogger MB said...

I would never have guessed Scotland! Very interesting. I was also thinking the western or southwestern States.

Blogger Sonia said...

What a beautiful photo and view!
I went to Flickr and I saw it on larger format! Gorgeous!

Just now I saw "Leaves of Grass" on the list of Blogs you enjoy. Thank you so much for this gentleness! I am very honour.

Have a nice week!

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

A special hello to you all ~ Lovely to 'hear' your voices and read your warm comments :) Funny about the picture, eh? I have my back to the water and that is what is misleading. Here is another picture but this time looking out to sea.

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Oh, and Lucy, I like Andrew Wyeth very much ~ neat to know that this picture brought him to mind :) I visited the Brandywine River Museum about 12 years ago.


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