Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Across the Way

Across the way, two small children are frolicking with dandelion delight. They are very young, perhaps three and four, and I recognize they must be siblings. The little girl bends down on her child-pose haunches to pick (what I'd like to think of as) her first dandelion bouquet. Oblivious, her younger brother pursues a tail-wagging romp through the yellow-green grasses.
Snip-snap, the little girl artfully adds flower after flower to her tight fisted bunch. Quickly burdened, she chides her brother to help. The little boy happily responds and I hear their giggle-laughter carry across the way. I remember the joy of my childhood days when my sisters and I gladly picked dandelion yellows to bring home to our mother. Yes, I remember.


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