Thursday, October 15, 2009

Topic: Climate Change

The geese are gathering in the skies. A curtain of dusk draws upon day's end and the air is brisk with chilled promise of frost. I sit here alone in my room wrapped in the desire to contribute to Blog Action Day. Topic: Climate Change.

I listen. I read. I discuss. I rant. I make small changes that add up to something, I hope. Some thing. Some thing that will favourably alter the path of climate change. Some thing that will keep us, our homes, our way of life, safe from harm. Is that not the message enshrouded in our global clamour? Green jobs will save us. Green energy will save us. Green technology, yes, green technology will save us. Switch light bulbs. Drive electric. Save us from climate change.

I know what I'd think if I stumbled upon these words. She doesn't get it. She doesn't believe. Ah, but I do. The change is real. The ice is melting. Our leaders are lagging behind and greed for dirty oil is rampant.

What I'd like to contribute today is a thought that can only be heard by heart, in silence. Listen. The geese are gathering in the skies. Change is afoot. Lean into the change and become better at walking softly on the Earth. Sit in the circle of local community, care for one another, share your talents and live simply. Rise up above the marketing of climate change and live small, live joyfully, live consciously.


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