Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Abashed at her orange indignity, I followed her. I wanted to ask, "What mark do they know you by? Ownership, fertility, month-to-slaughter?" She kept her gaze low and away, seemingly disinterested. I took a step closer. I longed to know, to declare my heart-held esteem, to set us free. She barely turned and, with innate poise and dignity, side-glance dismissed me.


Blogger Mary said...

Good point, well written. Orange indignity indeed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sheep in the pasture, coloured or not, reminds me of the wonder of God's creations. The colour could mean it's marked for shearing creating wool that keeps others warm. It could also mean marked for slaughter to feed others. Both honourable causes to my mind. Sheep are carefully cared for and live a good and protected life. Perhaps Orange is a sign of Dignity!

Blogger MB said...

Sheep are funny that way. Not very conversational. ;-)

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Hi Mary, Hi Moose, Hi Dad (Mr. Anonymous) :D

Sheep certainly are funny that way! LOL

Anonymous Wandering Willow said...

I love the face of sheep! Nice that you tried to befriend her. Maybe she's lost her trust of all people. Or maybe she's just in the moment of grazing.

Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

Gemma, this is the first time I've been to your site...and I can see that I'd like to come back to visit. I hope you'll be posting more in the days to come. I enjoyed this piece very much.

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Thanks Joy! Lovely to see you here. I've been catching up over at yours too.


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