Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An Invitation

I've been a bit pre-occupied lately writing about Oil Depletion over on the Web-of-Life wiki. I've yet to write about the beauty I've come to see in it.... but I will :)
If you feel so inclined to read it, I would really appreciate your feedback. I'm curious to know what you think about the potentiality that lies in ' running out of oil '.


Blogger Mary said...

Thank you for linking to this, Gemma Grace. And how wonderful that this type ofoutreach and education are available. The reports are chilling but necessary reading. Denial and laziness (and I include myself here), along with the vested interests of those profiting from the status quo, are among the main factors involved I think. I await with much interest your follow-up piece on the opportunities inherent in the situation.

Thank you again.

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Thank you so much Mary for your kind support :D Yes, vested interest certainly is an important factor. If we could redefine or re-clarify what is in 'our' best long-term interest (with the emphasis on an all-inclusive 'our'), I would imagine we'd be well on our way to a sustainable solution.

Blogger Sylvia said...

I haven't seen that film but I've read "The Long Emergency" and heard some discussions on the subject. It looks like the transition will be hideous (because of human nature) but frankly the earth can't take another minute of our petroleum-based lifestyles. I heard a debunker trying to argue that there are unlimited supplies of oil, and to me that's a worse scenario than running out of the stuff.

Anonymous Wandering Willow said...

Hi Gemma Grace ~ I've been waiting til I had some time, to write you a decent comment about this post.

We here in Colorado have been showing The End of Suburbia for about a year, to groups all over the region. Response has been good, but inadequate. Like Sylvia (above)I welcome a change and shudder at the thought of NOT ending this way of life.

There is a good chance that this will be "a long emergency" because of human resourcefulness. What normally happens is that people invent something every time an emergency faces us. Y2K was a good example of that: my brother is a software programmer who spent 2 years working on nothing but Y2K computer fixes, as did a zillion others. In the end, very little was disrupted. I am open to the possibility that we may all invent enough things that we avoid a huge catastrophe.

For example, in our neighborhood, many of us are building larger and larger gardens, and building cold frames so we can eat from our gardens in the cold months as well. We are meeting now and again to check in on who has what to offer the community in case of emergency. Bikes are being fixed up, and hand tools are being purchased. Solar and wind power are being added to some houses. If and when trouble comes, we have already mitigated the effects.

Personal responsibility is a big issue here. When the hurricanes hit this year and last, we saw a lot of people who had made no preparations at all, even thought they lived in that zone.

It is up to each of us to:
1)Prepare for any sort of emergency that may befall our area
2)Find where we invite Fear into our lives, and close the door on it. We need to prepare with a sense of everything being in its proper place and in its proper timing. Fear will only disable us. 3)Suggest to others that it might be a good idea to have emergency items on hand in case of any sort of disaster, and a month's worth of food, and a garden of some sort. Even if nothing "bad" ever happens, there is comfort in knowing that you're ready anyway.

I look at all these possibilities as a cleansing. This poor planet does need some cleansing! I welcome that, but I hope for it to be gentle.

Blogger Mary said...

Gemma Grace: Would you mind if I linked to this post?

Blogger Gemma Grace said...

Thank you Sylvia and Wandering Willow for your thoughtful comments. I am with you both. I welcome this change wholeheartedly!

Willow's words about fear expresses an important perspective that I think is often overlooked in discussions about wide-scale social or environmental change. The wisdom of her words underscores the opportunity for spiritual growth ~ how we choose to move forward through change, as always, is an essential aspect and will definitely colour our experience.

Mary, you are welcome to link to this post :) You all are also more than welcome to join us over at the Web-of-Life discussion forum or on the wiki. (see link in the right hand column)

Blessings to you all :)


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