Sunday, June 12, 2005

I had to Laugh

A gaggle of geese were dawdling in the cool, shaded grasses when I arrived. There were goslings of varying age - some as young as several weeks, fuzzy little birds of spun-gold yellow. After a time, the geese began to assemble (as school children do) in lines of two-by-two. The parade to the lake for an afternoon swim began with several mama/daddy geese leading the way while the guardians rounded up any rag-tag stragglers.

Marching onward, the flock took a short-cut across a small parking lot where an earlier rain had puddled the pavement. A trio of six-week-old goslings raced off toward the water slick and belly-slid into the puddle as if landing on the great waters of Lake Ontario after a long winded flight. I had to laugh as they romped around in this little patch of water-heaven. My heart burst open as I witnessed their unbridled joy. Innocence is so very beautiful.


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